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Despite her many noble qualities, Tsunade is not without her faults. They share these rumours with Naruto and Sakura, who suspect that Sasuke is making moves against his brother, Itachi Uchiha of Akatsuki. Her skills are enough that Orochimaru believed she could reverse the necrosis-like effects of the Dead Demon Consuming Seal , heal the psychological damage of Tsukuyomi , [26] fix the damage to Rock Lee 's spine when he was deemed a helpless case [40] and counteract the effects of the Three Coloured Pills with instructions from the Nara Clan Medical Encyclopaedia. Orochimaru's forces repeatedly interfere with the sealing, so Tsunade has some Anbu take over the sealing while the others return to Konoha. In later years, Tsunade continued to stay close to Naruto, watching his growth as both a family man and the Seventh Hokage. However, Tsunade maintains her youthful appearance using a unique Transformation Technique. Although Tsunade is rejuvenated, Madara has used this time removing the Impure World Reincarnation's user's control over him, thus allowing him to stay. Orochimaru decides to kill Naruto and attacks with his Sword of Kusanagi.

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When she senses, through Katsuyu, that Kakashi has died, she destroys a nearby spire out of frustration. She also wore red wristbands and white wrapping over her calves with blue sandals. Having already suspected that a team of genin wouldn't be enough, she requests Sunagakure 's support so that Orochimaru, a mutual enemy of both villages, can't gain Sasuke's Sharingan. As they move on to other matters, Tsunade takes particular interest in equipping the Logistical Support and Medical Division with enough supplies.

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She sends them instructions for a seal to place on the Three-Tails, some Konoha personnel to help perform the seal, as well as part of Katsuyu to provide additional assistance. Naruto is quickly defeated by Kabuto, as is Shizune when she tries to face him afterwards. Madara senses that Tsunade is descended from Hashirama and decides to kill her first because she is so much weaker than her ancestor. Naruto Episode

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Despite Orochimaru 's contribution in their victory in the Fourth Shinobi World War , Tsunade remains guarded against him due to a long history of distrust. Hiruzen, the Third Hokage, agreed with her arguments, but could not dedicate resources to the necessary implementation due to the ongoing war. Once she's done eating, she convenes a war council to discuss Konoha's strategies for the coming war and any preparations that will need to be made. Password recovery.

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Category : Characters. She then delivers a sequence of punches to Orochimaru's face, forcing him to escape with Kabuto; before he leaves, he warns that he has other ways of fixing his arms. Tsunade tries healing him, fearing that he'll die just like Nawaki and Dan did. Naruto proposes that they try to locate Itachi so that they can, in turn, find Sasuke. She could take out a few before getting kill In the anime, Naruto must remain in Konoha while Jiraiya is off investigating and it is up to Tsunade to keep him preoccupied with other missions so that he won't go after Sasuke by himself. Main article: Six-Tails Unleashed In the anime, Konoha receives reports of an attack on the Tsuchigumo clan and, as a consequence, their forbidden technique is at risk. Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Online. The Deva Path asks Tsunade where Naruto is, which she refuses to reveal.

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Forgot your password? The transformation dispels when she runs out of chakra, reverting her to her natural appearance. Naruto: The Broken Bond. The councillors recommend that Sora be either confined or eliminated.

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Her blouse is closed quite low, revealing her sizeable cleavage. She earned fame during the Second Shinobi World War for being the only person able to make antidotes for the poisons of Sunagakure 's Chiyo. Masako Katsuki Haruhi Terada Child. They draw her away from the city and Kabuto, a medic-nin , tries neutralising her, but she heals all the debilitating damage he does.

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