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Across the field, Shinoa tells Guren she has questions for him, but he says he will not answer them. Guren says that everyone standing there is family, including him. She instructs him to give it to Shinoa to protect her after the Apocalypse begins. Kureto orders them killed and steps down to speak with Guren. He says the other half is possessed by the vengeful spirit of Guren's dead lover, a perfectionist who reduced herself to a demon in order to get what she wants. Before anything can be done, Team Yamato arrives and breaks through her traps and defences, and subsequently rescues Hinata. Sayuri and Shigure beg Guren to come with them to Aichi, but he runs inside the school to save Goshi and Mito instead. Guren tells Mika that he is in the way.

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He claims that both Mitsuba and Shinoa can teach them how to use their weapons properly. Krul asks who he is, but Guren only laughs in response. Sign in to add this to a playlist.

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When she asks him if he still loves her, he hesitates to answer because he feels like loving her may be the same as betraying his comrades. He hugs Guren tightly and tells him farewell. She laughs and asks if he thinks he can kill her. With their arrival at Shibuya, after the commotion about Yu being a traitor, Guren steps out of the vehicle to calm down the situation.

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Shinoa reports that everything went as expected. He plans to let the vampire beat him more to make it seem more convincing. I love everything sensual to kinky AF! Her death was so devastating to Guren that he even asked Ferid to kill him.

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We're always working towards adding more features that will keep your love for porno alive and well. Crowley, Chess, and Horn then step toward them. He doesn't care about the fight between Guren and Kureto is, all he wants to know is if Guren needs him. Along with that, he wears a pair of white gloves and a red standard belt. A namanari is a human one step short of becoming a full demon. The usual group meets at Guren's apartment, sans Shigure, who is still being treated. Guren naps while the others keep a lookout since they say it is impossible to sleep in the loud and shaking truck. Guren goes to Kureto's office.

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Yu is his and belongs to his faction. Guren tells the angry noble to get his disgusting hands off of him and says he will die if he touches him again. Kureto orders Guren to go to the student council room during lunch tomorrow.

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He tells her he hates her, but she says she is the only one who can understand him now. His squad claims he nearly died eight times in that fight, and they decide to use at least two squads in their next attack. He is later seen as Mika and Yu approaches him in an underground laboratory for human experiments in his residence, he admits to taking over most of those experiments after the catastrophe.

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